Herrington Family

Meet the Team

Not Your Usual Blah Blah Blah

We are a free-range, artisanal, cruelty-free team who believes in monitoring our own sleep patterns, work hours and not regulating everything down to minutiae. 

You won’t find us having meetings about meetings to have a meeting about the meeting.

No, instead you will find us in our pajamas, non-latex gloves on, working in the kitchen pouring chocolate with morning hair sticking up all over, trying not to snort laugh our coffee out over the chocolate while listening to some irony song by the Holdermess Family on YouTube all while discussing the intense responsibility of making sure we are top 14 allergy free chocolates.

We invest in nurturing people.

Mary and Rich have over a half century of combined work experience 

between them.  

Our approach to working is pretty simple: 

  1. Do what you do best and excel at it
  2. Delegate what you don’t do best to someone who does it best

Rich does chocolate analyzing, preparing and pouring the best.

Mary does the strategy, copywriting and herbal blends the best.

Sara does talking to people at shows the best. 

Liz takes pictures the best.

Each one of us have a special gift and we use that to support one another.

Are we perfect? No. We’re human. 

I bet you will even find some grammatical errors here and there. 

We hope you find it easy enough to reach out to us and ask questions. 

We are real people, with real experience, with real allergies.

We get it. We live it. We love it.

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